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The Sacred Jungle Vines

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    Add Some Sparkle To Your World

    The Sacred Jungle Vines are beautiful string lights that transform any space instantly. Match your mood with 8 relaxing modes to choose from. They are remote-controlled with adjustable brightness, allowing you to create your own ambience


    Transform Your Room

    The Sacred Jungle Vines™ have hundreds of soothing lights that transform any space, making it feel cozy and comforting.

    Modes For Every Mood

    Craft your ambience with 8 available lighting modes. Select from the following modes with the USB or the included remote:

     1. Combination 
         2. Wave
         3. Sequential
         4. Slow Glow
    5. Chasing 
       6. Slow Fade
         7. Twinkle
         8. Steady On




    Control From a Distance

    Using the included remote, you can conveniently dim the lights to give you the perfect atmosphere. The Sacred Jungle Vines are USB powered and work with a wall charger, power bank, or any device that supports USB power.
    The remote also allows you to turn The Sacred Jungle Vines on and off, switch modes, and activate a timer that automatically turns them off after 6 hours.

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