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Galaxy Light - Galaxy 360 Projector - Galaxy Projector Star Projector 3 in 1 Night Light Projector

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    Deep space. The Cosmos. The Ocean of Emptiness. Regardless of what you call our universe of stars and planets, it’s difficult to deny how fascinating and beautiful the vast blackness really is. 

    Studies show lights such that mimic stars help reduce stress and anxiety.

    The Galaxy Light projects a realistic starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling. It's your own personal galaxy! Sound-activation will make a flashing light to change patterns with the beat of the music. Whether you are looking to improve your sleep or looking to have a sparkling party at night, Galaxy Light is for you!

    A journey beyond earth begins here… 

    Transform any room into magic of cosmos.

    Bring your personal planetarium anywhere in seconds & feel stress of the day melting away with those drifting stars floating against the nebula cloud, fall asleep under the relaxing ambience of the universe.

    Ideal for any room… 

    Magic Begins Here … 🥴

    You’ll Never go back to the boring ordinary room it was once. Coming home to a room filled with stars & multi coloured nebula, Weather you are alone or with someone special make ever night an intergalactic adventure to remember. 

    “Netflix and Chill” is… 🤤

    Add the Magic of Galaxy Lights to your Movie Nights, immerse yourself into constellation while watching your favourite movies. Control the color, brightness, and lighting effects from the comfort of your couch with Remote. 

    360° Room Coverage 🙄

    Experience Galaxies expanding all over your room along 30 feet in both diameter and stretch of the projection. Experience the 3D HD laser technology that is 15x sharper than any other projectors on the market while making no sound.

    Improves Sleep quality 😴

    As you lay in bed, look into the slowly drifting nebula cloud within minutes your mind will enter a state of blissful deep sleep.


    Material: Plastic
    Voltage: DC5V
    Power source: USB
    Wattage: 6W
    Functions: LED Projector light, Music Speaker, Bluetooth, Remote control
    Shade Material: Plastic
    Dimmable or not: Dimmable
    LED Light colors: Red/Green/Blue/White
    Light effects: 21 Light effects
    Power of remote control: 2XAAA Batteries(Not included)
    Size: 13.5*13.5*10cm / 5.25*5.25*3.94inch

    Package includes:

    1X LED Projection Light
    1X Remote Control(Battery not included)
    1X USB Cable
    1X User Manual 


    Its your Turn to turn your room into Magical World.


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